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Powerful EBusiness Solutions Saturday, September 25 2021 
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Inline is pleased to announce the general availability of iHTML 2.20
which is significantly faster than previous versions and supports a
number of new platform combinations.  This also addresses any and all
bug issues reported to us.  Hotfixes can be downloaded at and full sets at

Inline is also pleased to announce updated versions of all their merchant products including Pro, Enterprise, 2.5 and Mall. Updates to these products are only available to registered users and can be obtained from within the myihtml system at under Personal/ View Products purchased. If you use the iHTML Merchant software, please make sure you read the license agreement carefully.

Inline has also released updated versions of its oPAYc driver API which is used in the iHTML Merchant but can be used with any shopping cart software to add more than 30 new payment processing gateway options. oPAYc is also used by developers in custom solutions using C, VB, Java, iHTML, PHP, Python, Cold Fusion and ASP. More info at

Other News from Inline:

Earn free products and upgrades from Inline by referring new customers to us. Recommend iHTML or the iHTML Merchant to a friend, associate or customer and if they purchase get free products from Inline.

Select from any of:
Free Upgrade from Merchant Enterprise to Merchant 2.5 or
Free Template Package (20 templates) or
Free DB Upsizer
Free Set of 10 Additional oPAYc Drivers

Eligibility for Free Product:
The new customer cannot already be a customer of Inline.
You must notify Inline who you referred to us or have the customer tell us when they purchase.
Minimum Purchase by the new customer is $700US of any of Inline's product or service offerings.
The Free product is sent once the new customer pays for their purchase.

Key Customer Partnerships
Inline has recently signed agreements with a number of new significant partners that strengthens our position in the e-commerce solutions marketplace.
iBILL - standardized on our e-commerce solutions for all
their hosting customers (
Trellix - provided them with e-commerce WebGem in their site building software used by Tripod,, iVillage, CNET, Fortune City, ZDNet (
Tucows - joint marketing programs to our respective customers
Intel - various programs for their resellers in North America

Inline has a new support policy. This is intended to allow us to provide faster and better support to all our customers. It also outlines what is and is not covered by support. Please review it before contacting Inline for support so you can get help as quickly as possible.

Inline has a free mailing list and support forum. If you want to keep abreast of all new developments and to discuss with other users, that is the best place to check. You can access both at

Inline has a number of new products currently in development that are scheduled for release in the next 3 months. The product names are working names and may not be the final release name.

iHTMLAUTH - this is a sophisticated membership content access authentication system that is cross platform.

Webmail - this is a web based email system designed for high volume sites similar to Hotmail.

ATC - this is an Add to Cart merchant product that allows users to simply add buttons to a static web site and use an offsite cart for checkout.

Inline Current Product Line Up
iHTML - web application server and programming language
iHTML Merchant - sophisticated e-commerce storefront solutions
DB Upsizer - utility to upsize an MS Access to MS SQL server database
Hosting - various hosting packages offered mainly on storefronts
Web Development/Merchant Customizations - call us for a quote on any sort of web development or merchant customizations
oPAYc/oSHIPc - payment processor gateway API, usable with any programming language
Training - training on the Inline products iHTML and iHTML
Merchant Phone Support - technical support for our entire product line
TDS Driver - Free Linux ODBC driver to connect to MS SQL server

If you would like more information on the above please feel free to email or call 905-712-0818 to talk to one of our friendly sales representatives.

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